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    RHEL Provisioning Freezes

      I'm supporting a client at the moment that's running a sales-installed implementation of BBSA 8.1, and as I work to set up provisioning for them, I've noticed a number of anomalies. Perhaps I'll post about the rest, but for today, I want to talk about this issue.


      I have a package for provisioning a RHEL 5.7 x64 server with relatively few customizations, and with seemingly random frequency and equally random times during the install(on a DL360 physical machine), it just freezes whatever it's doing. BBSA's console and joblauncher logs show no odd activity or entries. As far as BBSA is concerned, everything's fine. On the console though, the install will just be stopped. It might be during the preinstall TFTP load. It might be during the format of the root filesystem. It might be during the package installs, or even during the initial boot after install is complete. It seems to be random.


      I've deluded myself into thinking that restarting the PXE, TFTP, and DHCP services(this is Windows infrastructure) might make some positive difference, but even if it does(and I'm not certain it does), that's nothing to tell a customer. "Sure, it works fine if you just bounce every daemon before you run it!"


      My question is: has anybody ever dealt with this before? If so, what did you do?


      Any help at all is appreciated.

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          Bill Robinson

          This sounds like a hardware issue.


          Can you run kickstart on this box w/ the same settings w/o blade ?


          Perhaps you need to pass some specific kernel options during the build for this hardware ?  like disabling acpi or something ?

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            I've been told that there is an issue with the NICs on the ESX hardware on which the BBSA infrastructure is sitting, and have been told by the customer that they want the datastore migrated to a NAS. This is a great idea and all, but since linux provisioning requires(afaik) http connectivity to the datastore, the fact that the data will live on the NAS won't really make any difference, as the only machines they'll provide with a webserver on them would just be a VM with NAS access, which means that the file transfers for linux would be entirely unchanged.


            So then, my question is, is it possible to force a linux provisioning job to use samba or nfs, instead of http?

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              Bill Robinson

              is there any hope to resolve the issue w/ the nics?  or more details about it? is bsa the only thing affected by this?  


              you can customize the kickstart file and change the url to use nfs or whatever else anaconda supports.  you will however still need an agent that has access to that location so the appserver can write the ks.cfg file in the root of the datastore.

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                The problem, it seems, was the firmware level on the hardware. Or at least, updating it to the latest level seems to have resolved our problem.


                Thanks for the help, Bill. I have a feeling we'll talk again.