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    Trouble starting new App Server Instance

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      Hey everyone,


      I am using 8.2.00 and I am attempting to start a second app server instance on my main Application Server. I went through the steps of configuring it from the same launcher as the default app server and named it job-02. When I attempt to start job-02 it looks like it's coming up and even reports as "Ready" in the status. The icon is showing a red X like it's not up and I don't get any information about it beyond the simple status messages in the infrastructure management window.


      I ran the Application Server Diagnostics and I get a failure on the AppServerTest.  When I pull the results I see the following message:


      "Error    job-02 is updating heartbeat but does not show as up, clocks are out of synch. "


      The clocks can't be out of sync since they are running on the same machine, from the same launcher. And I can confirm that the clocks are showing as synced in Infrastructure Management (because I can see the "App Server Start time" and it matches the current reported time of my default instance.)


      Job-02.log is showing no errors and even appears to be perforing the java heartbeat without any problems- it looks like it's running fine. Also, AppServerLauncher.log shows no errors and even reports that the job-02 application server started successfully.


      I'm stumped. Anyone have any ideas?