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    Product Categorization tiers

      I would like to see all of the product types, categorization tiers, product names in a format that I can email out to someone.   What is the easiest way to do that?   Basically, I want to ttake the results of when I search the product catalog & copy it so I can past it into a spreadsheet or notepad or something similar.


      This might be very easy or impossible, I just can't find a way to do it.

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          Hi James,

          It is possible via Reporting.

          Just search the Product Catalog -> Select all the records in result list-> Go to Tools -> Reporting -> Select the fields that you want in spreadsheet -> Export it to .csv file


          You will get all data in Product Catalog in spraedsheet.





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            Simon Lansbury

            Hi James,


            Just to add to HR's response, you'll need to search with the Advanced Search option.

            1. Open the Product Catalogue

            2. Under General Functions click Search Products

            3. In the centre of the page in the Product Category section, click the Advanced Search button


            Then when you perform a search you'll get the standard bulk function buttons like Select all, Report, etc.