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    Audit files with defined properties inside

    Dwayne Pankhurst

      Say you're auditing a file on two different servers.


      On one server the file contains (among other things) SITE=NY

      And on the other server the file contains SITE=LA


      If this is an expected difference - How can I figure the Audit job to ignore it?


      I can put the file within the depot and add properties to it ex. (SITE=%%TARGET.SITE%%), but it is not possible to choose a depot object as the master within an Audit job.


      If I were to script it - I'd copy the 2 files to the same location - find and replace any expected differences - then do a diff to look for any unexpected differences.


      Looking for a simpler solution in BBSA.

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          Bill Robinson

          Unfortunately there’s not an easy way to parameterize the values.  you could parameterize the names but I don’t see a way to parameterize the value.  You might want to consider using a compliance job for this where you can specify multiple values for the possible value.


          Alternatively you could use an EO that cat’s the file and uses sed to replace the values w/ something generic on the fly.

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