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    Diagnostic Tools

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      Hi to everybody


      I need some help regarding using diagnostic tools. Im having problems with my CTM installation. Those problems involve:


      - Some jobs get white status(mostly in the evenight)

      - Sometimes, CTM EM doesn't respond to actions(hold, free,sysout,etccc) but the jobs executes when the dependencies(time, condition,etc...) are meets.

      - I checked the Alerts in the CTM EM and found a message saying "Datasencer MYDATACENTERNAME was disconnected"


      I want to know where should i check for errors message to solve my CTM problems. Please, help me with this issue.

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          The White Colour status of the Job is refered to "Unknown Information" while at the time of Node Down or Server is not available.


          All these problem are happened only when at the time of NDP starts or  your control-M/EM GUI asked

          for refreshment.


          Dont wry it wont create any impact.let me know if any more help needed.



          Best Regards,


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            Kaviyarasu K



            Job status will go to white if the Control-M Server is unable to get the status from Agent (Possible causes, agent process is down, or network failure, agent server restart).


            If you not able to perform GUI Actions and Alert shows DATACENTER Disconnected, this shows that you have communication issues with Control-M Server. Possible causes could be with Gateway process or the Server itself.

            Review the CTM Server proclog directory logs and look for any errors that could cause the issue.

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              Hi Kavi


              I checked before the Prolog directory, but i cant read the trace txt log since it has 4GB. Regarding the communication problems, i have all the CTM Server components in the same server, this is, within the same server i have the Gateway, the CTM Server, the CTM EM and so on. With this scenario, i dont know if this issue could be communication problems since all components are in the same server. I also have the CTM Server DB in the Server, but the EM DB is in our SQL Server.

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                Kaviyarasu K

                Please provide details of your Environment (OS, CTM Version, EM version). Try to read the last few lines in command mode. Also check for log directory under EM home directory.

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                  For "datacenter was disconnected issues" and "actions not being performed (rerun/hold/free)" you'll find information on both end:


                  - Enterprise Mananger in ${HOME}/log (for versions < 7.0.00) or ${HOME}/ctm_em/log (for version 7.0.00) directory within files named gtw_diag*, gtw_diagstacks* and gtw_log.*

                  - Control-M/Server in ${CONTROLM}/proclog in the CO.*.log file


                  As for job in unknown state, check your Control-M/Agent backup and/or status folder (to check real job status) and compare with its status in the CMR_AJF table on the Control-M/Server side.


                  That's Control-M 101 !



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                    Following are the details asked:


                    -OS: Windows Server 2003 R2 Enterprise Edition

                    -CTM Version: 6.3.01

                    -EM Version

                    -CTM EM Fix Pack 6 Installed

                    -CTM EM Fix Pack 5 Installed

                    -CTM EM Fix Pack 6 Installed

                    -CTM Server Fix Pack 4 Installed

                    -CTM Server Fix Pack 6 Installed

                    -CTM Agent Fix Pack 3 Installed.

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                      Hello Elvin,

                      Even if you have all the components on the same system,the communication problem can occur. You check with the agent and server if it is down. That's what datacenter is disconnected.Bring it up by starting services.