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    Downloading/running BDSSA82-SOL8-SPARC.sh?

    Bill Bruncati

      I've downloaded BDSSA82-SOL8-SPARC.sh, 3  times but can't get it to run.

      The checksum matches.

      I use WinScp to move the file to my Solaris server for installation.

      I do another checksum and things still look good, but no matter

      what I do, I get the following when I try to run the script:


      root@system# sh BDSSA82-SOL8-SPARC.sh

      BDSSA82-SOL8-SPARC.sh: syntax error at line 193: `(' unexpected


      I've tried:

      - Winscp as both Txt and Binary - no good

      - Tried dos2unix - no good


      Anyone have suggestions on how I can get a clean download of this ?