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    How to encode data being passed to a field in a URL?

      The problem is related to the following text from the BMC Midtier manual:


      You can pass  values to fields in forms by including the field ID in the URL, as  follows:




      In the following example, a value of web user is passed to the creator field (field_id=2) of the user form stored on the AR system server mars, from the mid tier server saturn. The default context path is arsys.




      values with space or special characters must be properly encoded. In this example, the space between "Web" and "User" is encoded with %20 .


      I am trying to do exactly this. I want to encode values being passed to fields in forms. I know I need to use ar_url_encoder.jsp to do it. The question is how?

      How do I encode data being passed to fields in forms.

      My form is :

      http://x.x.x.x/arsys/servlet/LoginServlet?server=x.x.x.x&username=css&goto=/arsys/forms/x.x.x.x/CSSRemedy_SD%3Fmode%3DSUBMIT%26F<Field_id>%3D$Incident Number$%26F<Field_id>%3D$Assigned Group$%26F<Field_id>%3D$Urgency$%26F<Field_id>%3D$Description$%26F<Field_id>%3D$Submit Date$%26F<Field_id>%3D$Closed Date$


      It breaks whenever one of the data passed for a field like $Description$ contains space. I know the solution is to encode it but how do I do it? Should it be encoded before being passed into the field.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!