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    Jenkins and Bladelogic

      Hi all -


      I'm not positive this is the best place to post this, but I have a couple of questions with regard to our bladelogic implementation.


      We currently use Jenkins for our build server and what I'd like to do is promote an artifact INTO bladelogic for use in different bladelogic packages.


      Is there a good way to do this?  I see I could PROBABLY do this via jython and I could PROBABLY do this via the blcli or blcli2 options - but is this the right course of action?


      I searched around these forums some and didn't see anyone doing anything like what I'm talking about.


      If anyone can provide a little light I'd be forever in your debt.



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          Sean Berry



          The most common and easiest way to tie a build engine into BladeLogic is to a: define a CT to represent your application (it can just have a directory if you don't want or need a lot of moving parts, but I would recommend parameterizing it), b: create a component from that CT pointing to your build server, c: use one of the common packaging script to package from that component.  (here's an ugly one I wrote: https://communities.bmc.com/communities/message/114122#114122 )


          The relevant BLCLI call is "BlPackage : createPackageFromComponent", here's the example command line for it:






          This example shows how to create a BLPackage from a component. This is the preferred method for creating BLPackages. It assumes that you have previously created a valid component and saved its handle in COMPONENT1_DBKEY:











          # Name of the package.
















          # Get the ID of the depot group in which the package will be saved.








          DEPOT_GROUP_ID=`blcli DepotGroup groupNameToId /parent/group1`








          # This boolean value sets the Depot Asset Options - soft link check box. True for checked.
















          # This boolean value sets the File Options - Collect ACL control lists check box. True for checked.
















          # This boolean value sets the File Options - Collect File Attributes check box. True for checked.
















          # This boolean value sets the File Options - Copy File Contents check box. True for checked.
















          # This boolean value sets the Registry Options - Collect ACL check box. True for checked.
















          # A collection of the above options.








          PACKAGE_OPTIONS="$bSoftLinked $bCollectFileAcl $bCollectFileAttributes $bCopyFileContents $bCollectRegistryAcl"
























          # Now create new package.















          BlPackage :

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            Joe Piotrowski

            You can also post within our Scripting Community:



            There, if you select the Documents tab, you can find a document called "Unreleased blcli commands and documentation" which will give you instructions on how to generate the full BLCLI command set.