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    Project Management Tracking

      We're new users to Track-IT and we're struggling to find a way to use it for project management tracking - namely allowing multiple stakeholders (2-3) within the company to put issues in on our software modifications, track the modifications in Track-IT, and allow multiple users the ability to see the issues and resolution in the self service module. 

      Any suggestions? 

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          Spoke with tech support and they had a good suggestion.  Their suggestion was to create a login in for the individual project with a subcategory for the identity of the individual stake holder.  As an example - Type = ProjectWebSite-> SubType= WireFrames-> Category=HomePage -> UserDefinedField=StakeHolderPlacingRequest.  The stakeholder runs the test case then enters the information in to Track-IT i.e. the test case succeeds or the test case fails and the information is placed in Track-IT an escalated to the appropriate developer or contractor. 


          Does anyone else use Track-IT for project management tracking? 

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            Matt Laurenceau

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              Brad McClave

              The closest thing we have to what you are talking about is a custom Work Order Priority of Strategic Project which then has assignments for the different aspects of the project.  The original work order (project) cannot be closed without all the assignments complete first.