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    blcli to add an ACL policy to an ACL template

    Paul Seager-Smith

      Has anyone figured out how to do this with blcli commands? As with many ACL Policy activities, there seems to be no released or unreleased blcli to do this. You can only add an AuthProfile or an authorisation to an ACLTemplate.


      And unfortunately, until BSA allows you to define a default ACLPolicy for a role, there is still a need to add ACLPolicies to ACLTemplates.


      I can't find anything on the communities, but wondered it anyone had something before I try the hit and miss process of doing it myself.






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          Paul Seager-Smith

          After trawling around the support KB pages - they are quite a good resource for blcli information - it seems that


          BlAclTemplate applyAclPolicyToTemplateAcl


          actually does what I want. I missed this before because the apply methods usually apply permissions to an ACL Template object (ie directly define who can access the object itself).


          For an Auth Profile, you use


          BlAclTemplate addTemplatePermissionProfile


          to add the auth profile into the ACL template list. For me add is much more logical for this purpose.


          Not very consistent, but at least it is possible! Note that this is new in BSA 8.2. It might be possible to copy the XML file to an 8.1 system, but do this at your own peril.