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BPPM 8.6 HA Configuration?

Simius .

Hi everyone,


I'm going to install BPPM 8.6 in HA mode (small/medium environment).


In the documentation I found how to configure the MS Cluster and the installation procedure of the BPPM server for the Primary node and for the Secondary (standby) node.


What I did not find is any reference to the monitors. How are they managed in this configuration? Do I need to duplicate them on the Secondary node?


In my opinion what is defined using the Admin Console or the Operation Console on the Primary node will be available also after the switch between the nodes. But I want to make sure that the monitors have to be configured just once and not for both the nodes.


Can anyone help me with this?


Thanks in advance for your help.


Kind Regards,



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    Garland Smith

    Since the information about ProactiveNet Agents that are configured, monitors, etc... are

    stored in the database, this information will be retained when the database moves during

    failover.  No additional work should be required in that regard.


    Garland Smith

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    Simius .

    Hi Garland,


    thanks for your reply.


    Is this the same also for a BPPM installation using Oracle as database? In this case the database doesn't move because it's installed on a different machine...so it's just a switch of BPPM server from which I access to the Oracle DB.


    In this case what has been configured (monitors,...) from the primary node should be available also after the switch to the secondary node.


    What about the presentation cell? Do I need to always maintain alligned the KBs directories of the two nodes?


    Thanks again.



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    Garland Smith

    The presentation cell is installed with the ProactiveNet Server

    installation.  I don't know if the


    cell can be treated separately for failover.  I would assume this would be

    possible, however


    I'm not sure why you would want to do that.  Perhaps someone else knows more

    about this.








    Garland Smith

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    Simius .

    I mean that if the primary node goes down and there is the switch to the secondary node I expect that the PNET cell will be up and running after the switch and with the same configuration.


    So my question was if the KB of the cell has to be installed/configured just on one node or if it has to be replicated on the secondary node of the cluster in order to keep the cell up and running after the switch.


    Please let me know if you need further details about this.


    Thanks in advance.



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    Garland Smith

    You can find information about Best Practice Recommendations for DR at the following URL on DevCon:






    Garland Smith