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    Strange delay problem in BBSA 8.1 SP3 Job runs

      Hello guys,


      I've got a very strange problem. When I start a job out of the user interface, it sometimes takes 6 to 7 minutes from this:


      Started running the job 'BL_Reports_runETL_ReportsServer' with priority 'NORMAL' on application server 'xxx'(2,000,600)


      to this:


      Executing work item NSH Script Job:BL_Reports_runETL_ReportsServer; Server:xspl10b946b.pharma.aventis.com;  on application server: xxx


      As I said, this happens sometimes, somtimes the job is executed after a few seconds, but when the delay appears, it's always 6 to 7 minutes. Has someone of you an idea, what can cause such a delay? Oh, I forgot to say that the whole BBSA environment is almost idling.


      Thanks for your help,