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    Setting SQL as an autofill property

      Hi Guys,


      In our server estate we have over 500 SQL servers, we have a SQL property that needs to be manually set to true, some of these are getting missed when user add in the servers and our Smart Groups are not picking them up.


      Is there a way of setting Bladelogic to automatically detect SQl is installed and set the property to true?

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          The BladeLogic agent is passive, i.e. it never initiates any action by itself,

          So what you need to do is :

          - When ever you add a new Server, make sure you provide the property. This can be achieved by automating the commisson of servers.  This automation can be made intelligent by invoking a check on the agent as a nexec command or equivalent command and then a blcli can set htis propery accordingly.



          -  Create a Scheduled job to check if SQL is installed on server(s), if  yes, set the property accordinlgly using blcli.


          In short, you will have to automate checking if SQL is installed and set the propery accordingly. This has to be scheduled to make sure all servers are consistent so that the servers smart group are correct. ALso, to make this more robust make sure the commisisoning of new servers uses this automation everytime a new server is added for that particular server.




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            Bill Robinson

            Use a nsh script that checks to see if sql server is installed (blquery maybe) and then runs some blcli to set the value.

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