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    Java consumption in the Flashboards

    Ricardo Fonseca
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      Good afternoon.


      When I open the graphics of Flashboards, there is a very significant consumption of the JAVA process in the midtier environment.


      Usually the JAVA process reaches a maximum 10% of CPU consumption.

      When I open the graphics, this consumption reaches 400% of CPU consumption.


      When it gets this high value of CPU consumption, the process of JAVA is fixed and doesn't lower (Causing Low Performance for all Users!!).
      Just down when I do a stop / start on the Midtier environment.


      Today I have the Java version 1.6.0_26 (currently, there is available update1.6.0_31)

      And I have the Apache Tomcat/6.0.20 (currently, there is available update 6.0.35)



      More info:

      Operating System - Suse Linux 64bits

      Remedy version - 7.6.04 SP1


      Thank you!

      Best Regards,



      Follow the screens: