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    EO syntax or create a script file



      I need some assistance with how to capture this data I need for the latest HPUX bundle.


      my inital one-liner was swlist |grep -i cpb, which works but shows all bundles ever installed. I just need the latest one.


      I attempted to do a swlist |grep -i cpb |tail -1, which works fine on the host, but fails in the EO. I think it needs some additional syntax, but I'm not quite sure what to do.


      I've tried combinations using " " and ' ' and even the ` ` but none of them work.




      I then created a script on an appserver and put the following line inside and ran it in the EO but it too fails. I'm not sure if i need to choose "Central execution" or "remote execution" since in this case the script is located on an appserver //appserver/path/to/script/HPUX_Patchlevel.sh


      #script to capture HPUX bundle information


      /usr/sbin/swlist | grep -i cpb | /usr/bin/tail -1



      I find it sad that the EO structure doesnt support typical command line syntax that works on the server.


      this command works on both the host and in the EO.


      swlist | grep -i cpb


      this command works on the host but not in the EO.


      swlist | grep -i cpb | tail -1



      Any help is greatly appreciated.