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    Is it possible to change file permissions of a depot file?

    Ronald van Gogh

      I'm at the moment building some BLpackages to run some scripts etc. on a Linux environment. I'm for that creating a deport files containing the script, which I then soft link in the BLpackage. This way I can edit the script via BSA.

      Somehow if I create the depot file (import it from a linux server) while have forgotten the execute rights on the script, I'm not able to run it from the BLpackage. What I now do is remove that file from the BLpackage, remove that depot file, adjust the permissions on the script on the server, create a new depot file with this updated script and use that in the BLpackage again.


      Isn't there an easier way to change the permission of the (depot) file?


      Kind regards,  Ronald van Gogh