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    Add new currency type

    Iron man

      hiii all

      i want to add new currency to my currency field in ITSM Asst Mgt an other forms

      like AED currency type?

      and how to config this currency type to be the default currency type rather  than USD?


      many thanks

        • 1. Add new currency type
          Umesh Sonar

          Hi Ali,


          please try this -

          add new currecy type on BMC.CORE:BMC_BaseElement form, then modify the asset forms.





          • 2. Add new currency type
            Sulabh Gandhi

            Hi Ali,


            To add new currency type to all the forms in ITSM follow the below steps.

            1. Open command prompt got to inside currency folder of ITSM install directory.

            2. Run the below command


            java -jar JARCurrencyDefault.jar -x "server name" -u"admin login" -p "password" -t "tcp port" -F currency_form_names.txt -c "currency type"/"precision" -d -l.


            Note: "currency_form_names.txt" file will have list of OOB forms with currency fields. But some of the forms are missing.



            Sulabh Gandhi