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    Authorization for AIX patching

      Hi All,


      Using BBSA 8.0 & BDSSA 2.0 on Solaris.

      From VPC installation, configuring reports to deploying patches how many & which authorization do we really require for AIX patching if we don't get BLAdmin access?




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          For installation inlcuding configuring reports,the role needs the following

          Authorization Description

          ExtendedObject.* Extended object management

          PropertyInstance.* Instance management

          PropertyClass.* Property Class management

          JobFolder.* Job Folder management

          DeployJob.* Deploy Job management

          BatchJob.* Batch Job management

          NSHScriptJob.* NSH Script Job management

          DepotFolder.* Depot folder management

          CustomSoftware.* Software authorizations


          BLPackage.* BLPackage authorization

          NSH Script.* NSH Script management

          ApplicationServer.Read Read application server information


          Unfortunately, I don't have a list of authorizations for Running Patch analysis jobs and deplying pathces, here is what I think can helo

          if the role is given Readymade available authorization profiles meant for patching and deployment, packaginng and deploying custom softwares

          + NSH Script job execution and modification , + Read on Property Class and Instances created in the property dictionary for AIX Patching only. 

          These should be enough.

          The role will need JobFolder read and depot folder write on all VPC specific folders created.

          Obviously, you will need resource based auths for all the servers you need to run the patchng on.

          Hope this helps you.



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            Thanks for very much Rohit...