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    Patching Solaris Sun Ray server - doesn't commit

      We are trying to patch a Solaris Sun Ray server but we keep facing issues, here are the steps we're taking and the issues we are facing:


      • Set up a remediation job
      • /opt/patches is the staging directory
      • Since we are requesting the server to reboot into single user mode, there is a pre-command to mount /opt
      • The simulate and stage phases complete succesfully
      • The commit stage then just hangs
      • We go to the data room and plug in a crash cart to the server and can see that although /opt is mounted, the folder containing all the patches is nowhere to be seen
      • If you bring the server back into multi user mode manually the folder containing all of the patches is there


      Very strange... I can't figure out why on earth this would happen. We've managed to patch "standard" Solaris servers using the same method.


      Can anyone help? We've tried to patch this Sun Ray server twice now with the same results...

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