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Control-M version 7.0.00 Installation

Jafar Mohsin

I'm plan to install Control-M version 7.0.00, I got the followng error message:

pbrun /ctm/controlm/Oracle/orapostinst.sh

/ctm/controlm/Oracle/orapostinst.sh[9]: spool:  not found.

/ctm/controlm/Oracle/orapostinst.sh[11]: /admin: 0403-006 Execute permission denied.

/ctm/controlm/Oracle/orapostinst.sh[12]: Check:  not found.

/ctm/controlm/Oracle/orapostinst.sh[13]: admin/: 0403-006 Execute permission denied.

/ctm/controlm/Oracle/orapostinst.sh[14]: WHENEVER:  not found.

/ctm/controlm/Oracle/orapostinst.sh[15]: declare:  not found.

/ctm/controlm/Oracle/orapostinst.sh[16]: dict_priv:  not found.

/ctm/controlm/Oracle/orapostinst.sh[17]: begin:  not found.

/ctm/controlm/Oracle/orapostinst.sh[18]: 0403-057 Syntax error at line 18 : `(' is not expected.


What that means?



Problems was resolved.