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    RHEL / windows - JNI rsc_dircontents error: 19   (thousands of errors)

      I am creating an offline RHEL Patch Catalog.

      I saw this behavior in 8.1....  I am now on 8.2 and still seeing it.


      Trying to figure out what is causing it to happen.


      The catalog takes about 1.5hrs to create and will finish successfully, but seeing this error for each patch being added is baffling to me.


      Has anyone seen this before or know have any suggestions on how to correct it?


      Some other info on config...

      AppServer 1 & 2 are Windows 2008R2

      FileServer is located on AppServer 1

      Client is RHEL 5.x, where physical patches are located...  


      Here is the completed patch catalog shot



      Thanks in advance.