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    Update custom grammar file on file server

    R V

      Hi all,


      I copied a grammar file to make some tests and included this one with a blcli-command


      ConfigFileGrammar createConfigFileGrammarOnFileServer <some_parameters>


      This command worked well, I could see the grammar file in the dialog to include a new config file in the GUI.


      Then I wanted to change the grammar file. Unfortunately there is nothing like "updateConfigFileGrammarOnFileServer" or "delete...". I tried the "createConfig..." again and got a second file in my "grammars"-subdirectory on the fileserver. But this is not used even after restarting the AppliacationServer. I had a look into the database and found one reference to my grammar file, which probably is a reference to the first one, because this first one is still in use.


      Is there any way to update a custom grammar file?


      BTW: this is a BL 8.2 installation on Linux using multiple appservers.