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    Asset Status – Lost or Stolen

      A common request being asked for by company executives and auditors these days is for a report on the number of unlocated; specifically lost or stolen assets over a specific timeframe.  Remedy 7.6.04 does not have an out-of-the-box Status* that specifies Lost or Stolen or a Status Reason for End Of Life or Disposed of Lost or Stolen so that it can be queried to report on.  When an asset is lost or stolen, what is the industry best practice for documenting that in Remedy?  Thanks!

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          Jon Hall


          I have seen this query come up before and it's something that certainly warrants consideration.


          Where I've seen this done, customers have done several things:  Either report on the incident ticket associated with the asset, capturing the fact that it has been stolen, or extend the list of status reasons (which I guess one might call a small customization).    


          Has anyone else out there seen similar/alternative approaches?    

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            I believe it is much easier to query on standard Status* and Status Reason field entries than free text in Work Info or Additional Information for reporting.  How difficult/time consuming of a customization is that?

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              Creating a new status would be a major customization. You would have to add the new status to *Status and Z1_Status and update the corresponding workflow. You would probably also have to update Status transition mappings and filters. 


              Update the Status Reason field and adding a value may prove to be less work. You still have to update the two fields/menus and their supproting workflow. But there is less dependent workflow.

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