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    blcred problem

    Jim Campbell

      Our group had a problem with the BBSA console not starting up the JVM and in the process of trying to troubleshoot this I uninstalled my console and reinstalled (to 8.1sp3patchlevel0).  We later found out the problem had to do with an as yet unknown interaction between our standard workstations that limited the size of the JVM heap to under 512M (508 works, 512 doesn't).  This interaction was restricted to our workstations only and we never had any sort of problems running the console from servers.


      The console will now start with the limited JVM heap size, but I'm having a problem with blcred now that I did not have before:


      C:\>blcred cred -acquire

      Could not find the jvm_path


      Is there somewhere I can see where the jvm_path to which it refers is located?  I rarely use the console from my workstation (since its easier to Remote Desktop to a local machine and run it from there) but I used to frequently use the nsh client.