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problem with pw commands

Rahul NameToUpdate



I've just installed BPPM 8.5.00 version with Patch 2. Installation went successfully. When I restarted the server, I've encountered two problems:


i. mcell process was not running


ii. none of the 'pw' commands are working


OS: Windows 2008 Server with 4 GB RAM


I've ensured that all pre-requisites have been met.


I've used a domain account which is part of 'Administrators' group.


Any suggestions, advices, help is appreciated.



  • 1. problem with pw commands
    Raju NameToUpdate

    Did you try below in PW command window.


    set PNUSER=login account name

    set PNPASS=password


    Then run any PW command see the result.

  • 2. problem with pw commands
    K M

    Hello Rahul,


    Mostly the account that you are trying to access pw commands is not part of administrator. Login using an administrator account.


    If you are logging in using the administrator account, then UAC might be turned on. Disable UAC.


    Another thing you might try is right click and use "Run as administrator" and then try the pw commands.




  • 3. problem with pw commands
    Carlos Slone

    Just in case....


    The pw commands require a specific set of environment variables set up to execute properly.  Are you trying to execute the commands from a regular command prompt, or are you opening the command shell by clicking the "pw commands" shortcut?