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    blcli_execute to create and execute batch jobs

    Mike Jones



      I have an NSH script job used to read server properties and create a batch job.


      As this runs on the application server I do not need to set the blcli_setoptions to use blcli_execute.


      so the line "blcli_execute Server getFullyResolvedPropertyValue $singleserver OS" works correctly


      However when I try to run any of the JOB commands I cannot use JOB_DBKEY=$(blcli_execute ...... as it does not work, to get this to work I have to use JOB_DBKEY=$(blcli ..... and provide the authentication profile and role.


      Does anyone know why this is - at the moment I extract the role user when the job is run and use an NSH parameter for the authentication ID but I would like to understand why blcli_execute does not work in this paticular case.