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    Error while starting AIE Service on Solaris

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      Hi, we are facing an issue while starting AIE Services on Solaris system.


      The engine instance [<instance name>]Instance 1 is running and has detected total 10 active data exchanges on ARSystem: <Server Name>
      DataExchange1 Error 326 for key , on form BMC.CORE:BMC_NetworkPort
      DataExchange2 Error 326 for key  on form BMC.CORE:BMC_Organization


      has anyone faced this issue? please share some thoughts.



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          Error 326 will come during running of AIE Data exchange if we have mapped some field which is mandatory field or required field in mapping like Name/Short Description and these are not getting populated with appropriate values or these are getting NULL values.


          Actual Description of Error 326


          //Required field cannot be reset to a NULL value.

          You are trying to set a required field to a NULL value ($NULL$). Assign a legal value for the field,

          leave the previous value in the field, or change the structure definition for the field so that it is no

          longer required.


          You can check the debug file and get to know which field is getting NULL value and rectify that exchanges.(If value from source is getting NULL values better to map with constant value)




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            Ganesh Gore

            I doubt this is issue of AIE service. Check CI class field mappings associated with classes BMC.CORE:BMC_NetworkPort and BMC.CORE:BMC_Organization. So first find out what is invalid/missing in these mappings. Also you can try by creating new AIE service instance from AIE console. Do not active 10 data exchanges at a time. run single data exchange and check debug log (/AtriumInstallDirectory/Services/Debug) for error.



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