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    Automation and Lifecycle Mgmt Advice Needed

    Robert Stinnett

      Hello everyone,


      Recently I have been put on a team at our company to re-engineer our systems from the ground up.  As part of this one of our mottos is that everything "must be automated".  We examined several products, and are currently doing a POC (proof of concept) with Bladelogic Server Automation that will eventually (hopefully) expand into the complete Cloud Lifecycle Mgmt package.  Our goal is that everything will be fully automated from provisioning (both cloud, vmware and possibly phyiscal) to installs to deployments to change.  "No hands touching production".


      We also experimented with Puppet, but due to lack of Windows support (and very poor support in general) we didn't get very far.  However, recently they said they would be adding Windows support "really soon".


      There are several advantages I can see with sticking with BMC, but I don't want to be "blind" and not fully examine other products.  Has anyone here ever used Puppet or compared Puppet to Bladelogic?  Is there a cheat sheet of pros vs. cons?  I've done a lot of searching online and I can find a lot of folks talking about Puppet, folks talking about Bladelogic, and just a very little bit of information about Puppet vs. Bladelogic (mostly just pure "We hate closed source" stuff which in my mind has zero to do with making a GOOD decision).


      Any advice, words of wisdom or anything you can offer would be helpful.  We're working with BMC through the POC, and they have been very helpful.  Yet the more advice and "best practices" I can find the better.



      Robert Stinnett

        • 1. Automation and Lifecycle Mgmt Advice Needed
          Joshua Skirde

          Hi Robert,


          My advice would be to talk to the BMC guys on the ground performing the POC. They will likely have the best understanding of your use cases and how BladeLogic fits into these.


          From my experience I've found that companies using Puppet generally have one "puppet guy" as he's the only one who knows Ruby. You can do a lot with BladeLogic Server Automation (BSA) with no scripting knowledge (compliance rules for example ).

          When it does comes to scripting you can just use bash or windows cmd to achieve most of your tasks. The network shell language is nearly identitical to bash so finding people who can write it is easy.

          To give you some idea, here are some tasks you can do with no scripting:

          - Restart a windows service

          - Change a registry value

          - Add a vDisk to a VMware Virtual Machine

          - Reconfigure a virtual machine's number of vCPUs.

          - Change a single matched line in a single configuration file on every server in your fleet.


          Regarding content, puppet has community submitted content so it is of questionable quality and will need to be adapted to suit your implementation. BSA has compliance content available for the major regulations (PCI, SOX, DISA etc...).


          Also if your idea is to move towards a Cloud Lifecycle Management product suite then BladeLogic is a must as it is part of the suite!


          Kind regards,