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    Unknown Error on Staging when using a standard REPEATER in 8.2

    Steffen Kreis



      We have recently set up a server in our BSA 8.2 environment to act as a standard repeater in BBSA, We have successfully configured it and been able to deploy many jobs to end targets through the repeater.


      We have just started deploying a Batch Job to a target through the repeater and we are now encountering problems. When we do a first run on the target when the BLPackages and Installables are staged on the repeater everything runs fine. However when we run a subsequent job to the same target using the cache on the repeater every 1 in 2 deployments we see the entire job fall over with the error message <UNKNOWN-ERROR> in the BSA console log.


      Every package that is having problems contains soft-linked files. So we think it is related to that.


      There also seems to be a defect which covers that exact scenario (QM001699572), but this only appears in a bulletin for 8.0 SP10 ??!!


      We raised a ticket with support as well on this, but just wanted to know, if anybody else hs had similiar issues.