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    Self Service Web Fields

      I would like to add the location field into the NewWorkOrderFields in the Self Service site but Track-it doesn't seem to allow for this.


      Our situation is that we have many locations and have supervisors who are over multiple locations. We would like them to choose the location that they are submitting the support request for but at this time, they cannot.


      How would I go about setting this up? In older versions, I was just able to modify the asp code in order to create a field and have it populate with our current Locations list.

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          Cris Coffey

          The Requestor of the work order should have a location assigned to them in their record so when they create a new work order, it is populated with their information and the help desk can see the location of that requestor.


          Currently it is not possible for the user to change the location they are submitting the work order from on the self service form.


          The fields on the self service form that are not tied to the user, can be customized and there is a document on that located HERE.

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            I checked out that article, because we're in the process of implementing our Self Service site.  I tried to add the logoUrl, but it doesn't seem to work.  That option didn't have a temp URL to replace, so I wasn't sure if I needed to add something or just change the description.


            Are there any other articles on customizing the Self Service site? 



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              Cris Coffey

              Changing the logo should work exactly like this article HERE. Be sure to use the correct resolution for your new logo file and be sure to double check all the syntax and it should work. You also need to restart IIS and refresh your browser next time you visit the page. If you still cannot get it to work, you may need to contact tech support for help.

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                Thanks for the response, Cris.  I was able to update the logo with ease, but I'm trying to set the logoUrl in the previous article you posted.  This sounds like it would enable someone to click on the logo and be re-directed to another site. 


                Thanks again.

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                  Cris Coffey

                  I just had one of our QA people run through this in a test installation and the URL worked when clicking the logo. Can you give it another try and be sure that you are typing everything correctly, then restart the Track-It! and IIS Services on the server and finally, hit F5 or Ctrl-F5 to force a refresh in the browser. Its possible the browser is caching parts of the page. Actually, try the F5 or Ctrl-F5 first to see if the changes you already made just need to be refreshed. Let me know if you still have trouble.