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    Offline downloader problem - not replacing old hfnetchk and pd5


      With Offline windows patch downloader we faced a problem. Downloader is downloading files but not replacing old hfnetchk6b.xml and pd5.xml. Therefore all patches whihc downloaded are getting skipped and downladed patches are 0. We have verified that the hfnetchk6b.xml file datestamp is not latest.


      As a workaround,

      1. we had initiated a fresh download in fresh folder and all patches got downloaded.

      2. Also, we tried deleting old hfnetchk6b.xml and pd5.xml in old downloaded folder, then initiated download again. This resulted in new patches being downloaded.


      However what may be the reason of this problem. We have checked that old hfnetchk6b.xml and pd5.xml are not read only.