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    Are Payload & Repository location fields same?

      Hi All,


      Im using BSA version - 8.2 and OS version - Win 2k8


      Could you let me know the perfect significance of Windows Helper Server, Payload Source location, Repositroy Location while creating patch catalog?

      I have gone through patching white paper & user guide as well but getting confused.

      In practical can we recommend payload & repository same?

      If yes then what are use of two fields in Repository options...






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          Bill Robinson

          Windows helper dir is a location on a windows server where the cuj can decode the shavlik xml files.  no patches are stored here.


          Repo location is where the patch files get stored.


          Payload url is what is used during deploy.


          Typically the last two are the same.  but you might make them different – for example to use the ‘AGENT_MOUNT’ option you need to specify a different payload url format.

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          • 2. Are Payload & Repository location fields same?

            thnx for reply.


            ya, practically its wrking wt you suggested.

            But in background how it works, still it is confusing...


            my objective is to automate patching for windows/solaris/aix.

            Only first time i want to set all process through manual and after that it should work automatic according to specific schedule time.

            plz correct my confusion...




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              Bill Robinson

              Schedule the ‘catalog update job’ to run on a weekly or daily basis so new patches are automatically added to the catalog.


              Create patching jobs and schedule them to run against your target servers and then you can decide whether or not you want to do auto-remediation (automatically push out the patches)