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    Enhancement Request - Email Monitor

      The email monitor for Track-It works well but does not directly support hosted Exchange exchange solutions (Intermedia in our case).  The only way we were able to configure our system was through a MAPI profile that requires a running copy of Outlook on the server.  Outlook occasionally drops the connection with the mail server and then prompts for credentials which stops the flow of email to/from Track-IT.  Our users submit all requests through email so the requests queue up in the email account until we notice that there is an issue.


      A new monitor configuration type for hosted exchange with different parameters or a POP/SMTP type that can support the necessary encryption would be great.  We did try POP/SMTP with SSL enabled but it was not able to connect to our provider (Intermedia).  I worked with Numara support and they recommended the MAPI approach.


      I know that this issue probably affects a very small percentage of your current customer base but cloud based email solutions are becoming much more popular so it may be a good idea to invest some time in this enhancement.

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          Cris Coffey

          That is a strange issue. Email Monitor does have a setting for Exchange in which the direct connection settings for that server are used to connect so I am puzzled as to why that wouldnt work with your offsite Exchange server. The system should be able to connect to the offsite Exchange server the same way it connects to an in house server. I will have to look into that one.

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            I'm not 100% certain but I think that there are two issues:


            1. The mail monitor configuration requires a Domain\User and tries to do a lookup against the local AD domain for the right account.  Our hosted email accounts use email address/password for authentication and don't exist in the local directory.

            2. The exchange server is outside our network so our Outlook clients use RTP over HTTP for connectivity and require encryption.


            Given that full MAPI connectivity isn't required for what Track-IT! is doing (sending & receiving email) it would probably be easier to troubleshoot the POP/SMTP profile.

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              I am also using Intermedia for hosted Exchange, and Numara support was unable to get this working for us.

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                Benny Morrison

                Thanks for the info - we're currently talking about this one.  Once we reproduce it and see what the issue is we can talk about fixing it for a release.

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                  This is interesting because we are in the process of using Intermedia for our hosted Exchange.  Are you using the ADSync? I think they also call it UserPilot.  I'm wondering if using it to sync Active Directory would help with this.

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                    We're not using ADSync <yet> but I don't think that it will help because there are still two separate domains.  The Intermedia sync tool just matches up the accounts between the two domains and then copies any password changes from the internal domain to the hosted domain.  Outlook clients or systems like Track-IT have to connect directly to the hosted domain which isn't available in the current TI config <because the TI server is not in the same domain>.

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                      I am using ADSync, but this does not help.  Since moving to Intermedia, we have been unable to get the E-mail monitor to work using POP/SMTP, MAPI,nor Exchange. 

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                        You said support was able to get it to work using the MAPI setting.  Can you give details as to how they configured it?  When I try to enter a User Name it makes the Profile Name blank and won't let me change it to the Intermedia profile.


                        Nevermind.  I figured it out.  I didn't need to worry about the username, all I needed to do was change the Outlook Profile.


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                          Have you tried the Single Sign On application from Intermedia?  I just installed and configured it on our test TrackIT server and no longer have to log into Outlook for the Email Monitor to work.  I even rebooted the server and didn't log back into it and the Email Monitor still seems to be working.  The Single Sign On with MAPI configured may be a good work around.