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    Multiple Datacenter Provisioning Solution


      We are using BMC Bladelogic 8.1 for Provisioning Baremetal Servers. We have 4 Datacenters and as per the Security Policy TFTP boot image cannot be transferred across Datacenter. I have installed 4 instance of TFTP/PXE in each Datacentre. Now for Provisioning we need to set the Default TFTP Server in Provisioning Configuration. Now If we try to provision Server in 2 Different Datacenter at same time , since the default TFTP server is set for one ,server in other Datacenter tries to look for TFTP image from first Datacenter which is not allowed. Can we hardcode this anywhere so that for a Datacenter TFTP image is picked only from same Datacenter and default value in Provisioning Configuration would not play a part. Is there any Config file for TFTP or PXE where i can configure this.