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    BSA and remedyforce

      Hi I have heard rumours that there is going to be an integration point between remedyforce and BSA coming in April. Can anyone validate this and/or have any supporting documentation pointing in that direction?


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          Why don't you ask BMC support ?

          It will be much helpful and let us know the update

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            Olivier Segers
            The BMC Server Automation product is a comprehensive system for the initial provisioning and ongoing automated management of data center servers. When BMC Remedyforce and BMC Server Automation are integrated, you can be notified of the following actions in BMC Server Automation:
            • Provisioning which performs bare metal provisioning on new servers and re-provisions operating systems on existing servers
            • Configuration which provisions, patches, configures, and manages heterogeneous servers according to the company policies
            • Compliance which measures and demonstrates compliance with internal and external standards and regulation
            • Server Virtualization which manages your physical and virtual environments from a unified management platform

            This integration helps you to create incidents and change requests based on the jobs executed in BMC Server Automation. Data in the jobs is mapped to the fields in the Incident and Change Request objects.

            When an addition or modification in configuration or compliance that needs the attention of a  staff member is generated, an email message must be sent to BMC Remedyforce to create an incident or change request. To send an email message to BMC Remedyforce, you must create a job that sends an email message when the job is executed.