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    Packaging SQL 2008



      I have packaged SQL 2008 successfully into BladeLogic using a config.ini file, I am trying to add some paramertization to the package.   I pulled the config.ini file into the Configuration Object Dictionary but when it parses the ini file it drops the header for the ini file:




      If this header is not in the ini file when you attempt to run setup and point to the configuration file the job will sit and the landing page waiting for instructions.


      Does anyone have any thoughts on this?



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          Which grammar are you using ?

          You can use another approach to do this ?

          What is thiis package - an MSI ?

          What kind of customization/parameterization are looking for ?

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            • I have tried nvsp and windows ini
            • I can use the whole commandline but it will prone to errors, I am creating this for my DBA's and I wanted to make this as painless as possible
            • The installable is an exe, you just call the setup and point to the config.ini file
            • I am looking to parmaterize things like instance name, service accounts and passwords












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              Hi Rob,

              Maybe I misunderstand this, but it shouldn't make a difference if you drop the header when parsing the ini file unless you need to change the header? Wouldn't your BLPackage have 4 entries:

              1. copy the sql server exe to target

              2. Copy the ini file as a regular file

              3. Modify the ini file copied in step 2 but now use the parsed ini file. This now have to be registred in config object dictionary for the location where you copied it in 2

              4. External command to run exe with reference to ini which should have the header from step 2


              In my head this should work or am I wrong?