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    Create vCenter User from BBSA?

    Nick Rawlins



      Is it possible to create a vcenter user from BBSA and give it access to a specifc machine?




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          Nick Rawlins



          I have found out this can be created via a SQL script... so my next question is, can you execute a SQL script from BBSA?



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            Where do you want to execute this sql script ?

            There are mutiple ways to do that , one requirement will be to have a sql client on the box where this script will eventually be executed. BBSA can invoke scripts on a remote machine by mutiple ways, as long as these scripts are capable of running on that box.

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              Nick Rawlins

              Hi Rohit,


              I would like to execute the script on a remote SQL Server (it is also on the same physical server as vCenter if that helps).



              Does the SQL Script need to reside on a remote server or does it need to be put in the Depot?


              I'm unsure as to how it could be run aganst a SQL server so any steps or advice would be great.



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                Many ways , one quiick way :


                1. Create a blpackage and add this sql script as an item in it. Change the path of the script to a path available on the target. Or parametrize the path using Local Blpackage properties
                2. edit the blpackage , add an external command, the command should be invoking this script using command line sql utility on the box, If that is not in the path , you absolute path in the


                  e.g. sqlcmd <options like servername, user , db , password >  yourscript.sql

                You can also parameterize the command for these options using blpackage properties.

                You can also add the script to depot and then create a blpackage out of it. Use soft link setting for this,

                other steps are similar to what I mentioned above. The use of soft link will be useful if you have to update this sql script just update the depot item.       

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