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    Doumentation for High-Available BSA deployments

      I am wondering if there is any documentation on highly-available BSA deployments. The BMC BladeLogic Server Automation Best Practices for Deployment and Configuration white paper and BMC BladeLogic Server Automation Administration Guide are pretty good but I was just wondering if there is anything that collects all the high-availability recommendations in a single documents.


      Also, I am especially looking for best practices recommendations on high-availability configurations for the depot or file storage. For example, my thinking is that -- in a Windows 2008 R2 implementation, at least -- using DFS replication on a Windows Failover Cluster should work but I have not been able to find anything yea or nay about that. Likewise, I am curious if deploying BSA in a VMware FT configuration (which is mentioned somewhere in this Community) would work or not. Or at least, has anyone tried it successfully.