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    Reset Password for BLAdmin and RBACAdmin

    Nitin Murkute

      How to reset the password for Both BLAdmin and RBACAdmin using CLI.

      I am using BBSA


      Thanks in Advance....

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          I posted the answer on the other thread. I doubt if there is a CLI to do the same. Follow the steps that I mentioned in your first thread:


          A user in the RBACAdmins role can reset the BLAdmin password.  In particular, the RBACAdmin OOTB user can accomplish this.  You can either login as a user that has the RBACAdmins role (such as RBACAdmin) or you can erase the data in the password cell of the BLAdmin user manually in the bladelogic database (I believe there is a table call BL_ROLE_USER, or something to that effect), then you can go into the server configuration tool and set the password. Using SQL studio.  You can reset the password pass the roles table.  The name of the table is different based on the version of BladeLogic schema.

          Also, there is a kb article for the same. To get that, you will have to open a ticket with BMC Support.

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            Gajanan Patil

            If it's SQL database then schema name is "dbo" and table is "bluser" > dbo.bluser. Open the table and clear the password field value for the user RBACAdmin and BLAdmin. Save the table. Go to Server Configuration and put the new password.

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              Nitin Murkute

              Thanks alot for your valuable support.