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    Error on Virtual Guest Job Deploy

      Hi all


      I have a Virtual Center server added to my BBSA Server and I had it all configured for deploying Virtual Guest Jobs. It had been tested and worked fine two months ago.

      Yesterday I created a job to test it again and I got this error on the console.log file:


      [01 Mar 2012 15:09:21,239] [Job-Execution-1] [INFO] [BLAdmin:BLAdmins:] [] Starting Virtual Guest Job.

      [01 Mar 2012 15:09:21,271] [Job-Execution-1] [INFO] [BLAdmin:BLAdmins:] [] Checking if Virtual Guest 'Test_TMPL1' is already enrolled in Operations Manager Database.

      [01 Mar 2012 15:09:21,380] [Job-Execution-2] [INFO] [BLAdmin:BLAdmins:] [Deploy] Started running the job 'CreateVMDeployJob-VM2001600' with priority 'NORMAL' on application server 'GUATBSA01'(2,000,000)

      [01 Mar 2012 15:09:21,380] [Job-Execution-4] [INFO] [BLAdmin:BLAdmins:] [] Started Virtual Guest Deploy Job 'CreateVMDeployJob-VM2001600'.

      [01 Mar 2012 15:09:22,271] [Job-Execution-2] [WARN] [BLAdmin:BLAdmins:] [Deploy] no repeater is set for server GUATVCN01. Deploy to the target directly.

      [01 Mar 2012 15:09:23,458] [WorkItem-Thread-16] [INFO] [BLAdmin:BLAdmins:] [Deploy] Executing work item Deploy Staging Job:CreateVMDeployJob-VM2001600; Server:GUATVCN01;  on application server: GUATBSA01

      [01 Mar 2012 15:09:24,661] [WorkItem-Thread-16] [ERROR] [BLAdmin:BLAdmins:] [Deploy] [JNI] rsc_dircontents error: 13

      [01 Mar 2012 15:09:24,661] [WorkItem-Thread-16] [ERROR] [BLAdmin:BLAdmins:] [Deploy] copy files from //GUATBSA02/C/Program Files/BMC Software/BladeLogic/8.1/NSH/storage/blpackages/Test_TMPL_d11adda6-c6db-4c04-a45e-5524f054012eBlPack-2000493.1 to //GUATVCN01/temp/stage/ab3eb41cf57d3ced8b071e2b6061984a error: An error occurred while attempting to copy the file //GUATBSA02/C/Program Files/BMC Software/BladeLogic/8.1/NSH/storage/blpackages/Test_TMPL_d11adda6-c6db-4c04-a45e-5524f054012eBlPack-2000493.1 to //GUATVCN01/temp/stage/ab3eb41cf57d3ced8b071e2b6061984a.: com.bladelogic.om.infra.mfw.util.BlException: Permission denied;Unable to access directory "//GUATBSA02/C/Program Files/BMC Software/BladeLogic/8.1/NSH/storage/blpackages/Test_TMPL_d11adda6-c6db-4c04-a45e-5524f054012eBlPack-2000493.1/bldeploy.xml"

      [01 Mar 2012 15:09:24,677] [WorkItem-Thread-16] [WARN] [BLAdmin:BLAdmins:] [Deploy] Removed target directory: //GUATVCN01/temp/stage/ab3eb41cf57d3ced8b071e2b6061984a

      [01 Mar 2012 15:09:24,692] [Job-Execution-0] [INFO] [BLAdmin:BLAdmins:] [Deploy] Phase: Staging completed with errors for target: GUATVCN01

      [01 Mar 2012 15:09:24,739] [Job-Execution-0] [INFO] [BLAdmin:BLAdmins:] [Deploy] The job 'CreateVMDeployJob-VM2001600' has failed

      [01 Mar 2012 15:09:24,739] [Job-Execution-2] [INFO] [BLAdmin:BLAdmins:] [] Analyzing and parsing the BlPackage Deploy Job results.

      [01 Mar 2012 15:09:24,755] [Job-Execution-2] [ERROR] [BLAdmin:BLAdmins:] [] Error occurred while running Deploy Job. Please Check Deploy Job Run Log.

      [01 Mar 2012 15:09:24,771] [Job-Execution-2] [INFO] [BLAdmin:BLAdmins:] [] The job 'VM' has failed



      This is what I have checked:

      1. The File Server (GUATBSA02) is working

      2. The file //GUATBSA02/C/Program Files/BMC Software/BladeLogic/8.1/NSH/storage/blpackages/Test_TMPL_d11adda6-c6db-4c04-a45e-5524f054012eBlPack-2000493.1/bldeploy.xml  exists

      3. The agent on the vCenter server GUATVCN01 is up and there's communication with the application server.


      I'm guessing is a communications issue between the File Server and the Virtual Center but I don't know what are the port requirements for this type of job.

      Thanks in advance for any help.





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          Someone accidentally push ACLs on filesever

          Check the mapping on fileseever.


          Check rscd log on fileseever

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            Hi Rohit


            Thanks for your answer


            The RSCD log on the fileserver doesn't have a lot of info, all it says is:


            979ae331ccc27d8e3643 0000000864 03/01/12 15:01:52.675 WARN     rscd -  guatbsa02 944 SYSTEM (???): ???: Main: Wait Timeout. Starting AgentHouseKeeping.

            6a85facbd0e5009be0b9 0000000865 03/01/12 15:09:39.481 INFO1    rscd - 3956 BladeLogicRSCD@GUATBSA02->administrator@GUATBSA02:PrivilegeMapped (BLAdmins:BLAdmin): CM: > [Deploy] Copying '//GUATBSA02/C/Program Files/BMC Software/BladeLogic/8.1/NSH/storage/blpackages/Test_TMPL_d11adda6-c6db-4c04-a45e-5524f054012eBlPack-2000493.1' to '//GUATVCN01/temp/stage/ab3eb41cf57d3ced8b071e2b6061984a'

            f97ada39b323550d82dc 0000000866 03/01/12 15:11:52.686 WARN     rscd -  guatbsa02 944 SYSTEM (???): ???: Main: Wait Timeout. Starting AgentHouseKeeping.



            The exports file on the fileserver appears to be correct:




            #  Copyright (c) 2001-2010 BladeLogic, Inc.

            #       -- All Rights Reserved --


            #  This file is read by the "rscd" to determine permissions for the given host.


            # Please read the BMCBladeLogicAdministration.pdf or "exports" man page for details

            # on how to use this file.


            *   rw,user=administrator


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              Are you able to do agentinfo from GUATVCN01 to GUATBSA02 and reverse as well? Can you also check the exports, users and user.local file on both these servers?


              On a side note, can you also try a normal file deploy job for this same vCenter? Just package a file, rename it and deploy it back on this vCenter server. Is that also giving you this error?