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    offline Patching



      I am trying to do a patch analysis of solaris servers using the old patchdiag.xref and offline catalogue, so that i can use there current repository for pataching and old patchdiag.xref  as they want want to use patching till some old date and not till the latest patch. I have few questions with regards to this.


      1. do we need any special permission to the Repository if we are using offline patching?. I have a mapped storage drive to Bladelogic application server, however that drive resides on some other server.



      2. Does Patch analysis runs as per patchdiag.xref file or the patches present in the repository? My guess would be patchdiag.xref.


      3. I uploaded the patchdiag.xref to the depot and given the path of repository location to the current location (storage drive mapped to my server), When i try to update catalogue, the job fails  with below logs. Catalogue wont update


      com.bladelogic.mfw.util.BlException: Error occurred while copying metadata files (patchdiag.xref, metadata override file, sumreboot override file) to temporary location:



      (patchdiag.xref, metadata override file, sumreboot override file) to temporary location.


      3 when i try to do this on application server itself by taking on of the folder as repository then catalogue will update with some warnings. warnings are may be due to the patches not present on that folder.



      Can anyone help on this please?