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    MSI/Custom Software (Windows) Install Command



      I am looking for the best solution to use Powershell, Perl scripts (or other script programming languages) in "Install Command".

      ... usually we use CMD for this ...


      All ideas are welcome.




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          If i understood you correctly


          Are you thinking of embedding the scripts in the install command ? That can be a bad idea with the limitation of length of install command field but works as long as your command is within the limit

          You can include any script/executable which is capable of running on the system in the custom software and make install command to just invoke the script


          Create a directory -> Put everything in that all payloads and a script like - install.pl/install.sh/install.vbs

          The script should be able to execute on the system in the environment which it gets by The RSCD agent.

          In the install command, you just say cd ??SOURCE?? install.pl or <abs path of perl interpter> install.pl

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            We use CMD scripts in "Install command" in the moment and it works fine !

            But I think if we will use e.g. Perl instead of CMD, we have some scripting possibilities that we do not have now using CMD scripts.


            2 options, that I know, for this:


            - Support Files (to load the Scripts as Support Files) and then to use somethinmg like:  perl ??_install.pl??

            - what you mean with "Create a directory -> Put everything in that all payloads and ..."

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              Using support files are good for somethign like a input file/ response file. It has some limitations like doesn work well with  network mount deployment as far as I remember.

              If you are using MSI installaers, this can be a good option by overriding  the defaut install command


              By creating a directory, i meant

              When you add a "Custom Software" to the depot, you can an option to create a single directory. You can put all your application specific files/payloads etc to this directory and add it as a Custom Software,

              One of the files in your directroy can  be script and you refer to that in install command.

              This is helpful when you want to control the entire deployment and just want BladeLogic to get the bundle to the target end and invoke your script to do things in at the target end.You can still use any response/parameter files in the support files.


              I think it really depends on what you are deploying, if its an MSI, i will stick to OOB MSI software item.

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                Bill Robinson

                if powershell or perl is installed on the target than you can uses whatever you want.  you will still be in a cmd shell when the deploy runs, but you can call perl and powershell or whatever else from there.

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                  Hi Bill,


                  We're on 7.6 in production and testing the upgrade to 8.2 at the moment. I've asked for access to the test env to see if this can be done in 8.2. Fingers crossed !


                  Thanks again,



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                    OK, 8.2 does indeed allow you to compare different parts within the compliance rules - awesome.

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                      Bill Robinson

                      time to upgraydded.