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    BladeLogic and Clear Case

    Rayemond Newman

      Hi Guy's


      I know nothing about "Clear Case" but can BladeLogic somehow interface or make use of objects in "Clear Case"





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          I used to be a ClearCase enduser (code monkey) and an CC Admin in a distant life...


          It has a command line client (Windows and many unix flavours) that could be installed on an app server and called from BL script jobs in a similar way to how Subversion or other version control systems are called use cases of which are mentioned in other posts in this forum.


          Where the CC client it's installed and how you use it depends on what you need todo, which is?

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            ClearCase is a  SCM tool used for revision control/version control.

            It has a very good command line interface,

            and anything which has a good command line interface fits well with BladeLogic.

            I have used ClearCase and BladeLogic integration !

            There is no out of the box integration between the two.

            here is a very simple example

            A wrapper script is created which is executed at the ClearCase client which also has BLCLI/NSH Bladelogic client installed on it. This script invokes different Clearcase commands, for example apply label, checkout etc ...

            The same script after handling the versioning and clearcase steps of your release control at the end makes use of nsh cp command to copy a directory/source files/jars /ears/conf files etc to the bladelogic fileserver area or a different staging area. And then invokes a already existing NSH Script job using the blcli. The NSh script job will make a blpackage for these set of files and create/execute any deploy jobs !


            Also seen people using ClearCase script based triggers to invoke a BLCLI to inoke a BladeLogic job as soon as some code is checked into a branch .


            What do u want to do ?




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              A lot of the BAA/BMA (Application/Middleware Automation) implementations use ClearCase via the Clear Case cli, from BSA.  You can write a script, import it as type 3 script job … and execute it against a server (target) that has ClearCase-Tools installed on it.


              My only suggestion is using local properties to encrypt your ClearCase credentials and passing them in as properties (encrypted value for password) for parameters.  And define things like your rcleartool directory as well as your project directory in the script.


              You can look here to get you started with ClearCase:



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