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    Best values for Average Queue Size in Connection Status

      What is the  best recommended value for the queue size, and average wiat time for Client Connection Service

      We are facing some performance problem at some peak points during a day :

      This is from ClientConnectionService from the infrastructure window:


      Connection Wait Status:


      Average Wait Time (ms) = 3560

      Queue Size = 20


      Personally, I think these are very  high numbers and this should be taken into account and aim for some configuration change and scaling up of Config Server.

      The recommended formula to anticipate number of client connections as per the BMC Whitepaper best practice is

      2.5 * (number of simultaneous GUI users) + (number of simultaneous BLCLI commands). I am going to aim for these numbers but before that I need your opinions.

      Please provide your ideas about the same,

      Isnt this the reason why most of the GUI users are complaining about the slow performance ?

      I am blaming these numbers and will propose scaling up of related appserver configuration.


      This is 7.6 appserver , single instance configured as ALL, with NSH proxy running on it. Also, most of the jobs nearly 95% are NSH Script based jobs which in turn call Pyhon/Jython scripts on the appserver to achieve Application releases management. These pyhton scripts in turn connect to BLCLI to create deploy jobs and sub- NSH Script jobs and sub-deploy jobs !!!




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