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    Change database server?

    Nick Rawlins



      I have moved our database to a new server with a new name, however I cannot seem to get BBSA to talk to the new name, the logs still show trying to talk tothe old name.


      I have ran blappconf and changed the name here, and also in tnsnames.ora but no success.


      This on RedHat with Oracle.


      I cannot find where any other references are for the database server name.


      Does anyone have any idea's?


      Thank you

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          Blappconf should be working if not ,

          You can use blasadmin utility to change db parameters as well, this should certainly work. 

          Nothing else coming to mind at this point of time.




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            Did you restart the application server?

            BTW - you can check you DB setup by looking into asDataSourceService.xml (probablt under  /bladelogic/NSH/br/deployments/config_server/services, depends on the configuration of your app server) - check the <property name="url">jdbc...


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              Joshua Skirde

              Hi Realtek,


              BSA uses a jdbc connection to communicate with the database so no need to change tnsnames.ora as it is not used. You can view the jdbc connection string as well as the username that BSA uses to connect to the database using:

              blasadmin show database all


              Provided the username and password are consistent between the old and new DBs you should only need to change the connectionstring using:

              blasadmin set database connectionstring jdbc:oracle:thin:@dbhost:dbport:dbname


              blasadmin -s _template set database connectionstring jdbc:oracle:thin:@dbhost:dbport:dbname

              (the _template deployment will ensure that any new deployments are created with a connection to the DB. This is a must for upgrades).


              If this is not working then please ensure that you can connect to 1521 or the port your Oracle listener is configured on from your BSA appserver to your db server. If so, attach your appserver.log to this post and I'll have a look.


              Kind regards,


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