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    Set Email Notification on Deploy Job within Patch Remediation Job



      I am in mid of automating windows Patch process and working on a NSH script for the same.


      I am running a PAJ on a server and based on the outcome of PAJ i.e. if Patches are missing I am creating a remediation job and scheduling it to execute at later on a given date and time.


      This works perfecctly fine for me except I am not able to set email notification on the patch deployjob which is created by the remediation Job.


      When creating remediation job  I am mapping the properties of an existing Master deploy job to the patch deploy job which be created after remediation job is executed. I have assigned a email notification to my existing Master deploy job but this does not get copied when my new patch deploy job is created.


      I have asked this earlier last year but thought if any changes in product (I am using BL 8.1 SP3) or if anyone has done this in mean time can help me.


      Any ideas or help how I can set notification on the Patch deploy Job created during remediation ?