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    Remedyforce Administrator Online Training



      I am our Remedyforce Administrator, as a company we have a Premier Support contract and as part of this get access to online training FOC.


      So I am making my way through the "Administrator Essentials Course" online training as this is deemed as the closest thing to what I am looking to learn, and it strikes me as odd that there is no specific module to work through for "Remedyforce Only Administrators".


      The course I am following is Salesforce based with elements of this course being helpful for what I am trying to learn, but it does mean that I am going over items that I will never use.  Also the topics covered are clearly very well put together for a Salesforce Administrator.


      For example reporting (the Analytics module) the demonstration on creating reports, all scenarios are sales report based rather than it helpdesk scenarios.  You can get the general idea but surely for the best understanding having a focused Administrator Module available to all Administrators of Remedyforce.


      So how long before there is a Remedyforce focused Administrator course available?