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    Server Properties Updation through Script

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      Hii all,

                       i am doing a task of server property updation for several servers manually by running scripts. now i want to know that is there any way by which i  could update the same properties for different servers, in a single script??? (i.e.::: i want to update these properties for bunch of servers. and if i do it manually for all servers one by one, then it will take much time. so please show me the right path way...)


      Thanks & Regards,


      Shirish Katariya.

        • 1. Server Properties Updation through Script

          I don't know what you have in the script but NSH script type1 with NSH script job should do the work:

          1. Add your script to the Depot as type 1 ("Execute the script separately against each host").
          2. Create an NSH script job with the above script
          3. Add all the targets you want to the NSH script job
          4. Execute teh job
          • 2. Server Properties Updation through Script

            What is this server property? You could write a property for that and then use the BL Update Server Property job to run at once against any number of servers. Or try what Nimrod suggested. That should work too.

            • 3. Server Properties Updation through Script
              Bill Robinson

              i would suggest against the type 1 job - if you run this against too many hosts in parallel, you could overwhelm the appserver because you will spin up 1 jvm per target.  so you will have to keep the parallelism on the job very low.


              if you already have the properties and do not need to run a script to get the values, you can create a file and use the Server bulkSetServerPropertyValues (or similar) command.  that will update all server objects at once.


              the 'Update Server Property' job only updates the intrinsic bladelogic properties, it cannot update any custom properties.