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    Patch Catalog - Bulletin Not Available for Download

    Rob Slattery

      Microsoft Visio Viewer not an option in catalog, we are unable to download this patch.  Is there a way to manualy pull down the Microsoft Visio Viewer?

        • 1. Patch Catalog - Bulletin Not Available for Download

          Which Buleltin id ? Do you have the KB id ?

          Is that not available with the any of the existing filters ?


          If the patch you are looking for is not a part of the Security updates for OS and you are not able to get that patch by using any of the filters, there is a way to get the patch downloaded from Windows site and install it as a custom software using BladeLogic , But it is only recommeded for deployoing an emergency patch which is not availble using BladeLogic . !


          Look at this white paper "BMCBladeLogicWhitePaperWindowsPatches.pdf" on docs.bmc.com


          It documents a Process for deploying Emergency Windows Patches

          • 2. Patch Catalog - Bulletin Not Available for Download
            Rob Slattery


            Vulnerabilities in Microsoft Visio Viewer 2010 Could Allow Remote Code Execution (2663510)


            Remote Code Execution

            May require restart

            Microsoft Visio Viewer 2010



            No, the filter is not available within BladeLogic.  There is one Viso filter available but no more.  I would rather stay away from "customized" imports/updates to the BladeLogic filters which come with the product because than we may introduce a host of other issues.  I like "out of the box" approach and apply any updates which BMC supplies.