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    populating the cmdb in remedyforce

      Hi all,


      We are new to remedyforce, and are in the process of scoping out our implementation project.  I’m just wondering, in terms of the cmdb, is there a discovery tool built into remedyforce, or anything on the roadmap for this functionality in future.  How are people generally populating their cmdb/cms in remedyforce?


      Thanks in advance.


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          Chad Haftorson



          You have multiple options.  Many customers simply upload a spreadsheet.  You can do this using data loader (search Remedyforce help for "import" or "CMDB" for more details.  Others use our standard integration connectors for MS SCCM or BMC Atrium Discovery and Dependency Mapping (separately licensed products).  Both options are documented in help and the actual integration connectors are available here in the BMC Community. Finally, some customers simply create CIs manually, although for a large number of CIs, the first two options are definitely more efficient.


          Hope this helps get you started.




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            Hi Chad,


            Thats great, thanks for the pointers.  Do you know if there are any 'discovery' features on the roadmap for remedyforce?  I know there are challenges with this as it lives on force.com, but are there any plans for a broker type service that we could deploy in our network to discover and track CI's?  No worries if not, I will continue investigating the options you have mentioned.




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              Kevin, as an update:  After our Feburary acquisition of Numara Software, we are further integrating the Asset Core product with Remedyforce, which expands the options for discovery and more traditional asset management functionality.  Discovery with asset core come first, so stay tuned for more info!

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                Alex Chenko

                Hi Chad,

                can you please point me to the place in documentation where I can find information on importing CIs (not clients data) via Salesforce Data Loader?  Thank a lot.